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Tata Smart Sdn Bhd is passionate about supplying the finest quality of home appliances. Headquartered in Kepong, Selangor, we have expanded our business to whole Malaysia. We offer the ultimate attention-grabbing household products such as doctor air, vacuum, fingerprint safety box, pressure washer, etc. Contact us now as our customer service team are happy to help and discuss through your needs.


Tata Smart
Cyclone Vacuum

• Excellent efficient - great button position
• Hygienic one-touch dust cleaning
• One touch separation - dust box
• 180 Turnable Dust Remover Brush



Tata Smart Fingerprint
Safety Box

Simply fashion easy to operate
Open by fingerprint integrated handle

• Professional
• Solid Whole Steel

• Smart & Safe
• Anti Priming
• Alarm System
• Thick Width


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